Building A Strong Foundation For Your Business

Just like any structure, your business needs a strong foundation. You may think that how your business is organized is less important than other elements of your operation, but a well-thought-out business organization can be essential for your long-term success.

Minnesota Construction Law Services, PLLC, is a different type of law firm. Our name says it all. We work for individuals and businesses in the construction industry, and our attorney has worked in this industry for more than three decades. We know the challenges you face and can provide experienced advice on forming a business.

What Type Of Business Should You Form?

Maybe you want to create a new startup. You may want to keep it simple and use a sole proprietorship. The danger with this legal entity is that the liabilities of your business are also your personal liabilities. This means a creditor could attach liens to your personal assets.

Or you want to work with a group of associates and decide to form a partnership. This too has its risks. How will your entity choice affect your taxes or the reporting requirements and the complexity of your organization? Our attorney can help you understand exactly the advantages and disadvantages of each type of legal entity and provide you with genuine, experienced advice on which type you should choose.

  • Business startup
  • Business formation
  • Limited partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • S-corporation or C-corporation
  • Business acquisition or mergers

Formal Rules Are Important

Choosing the correct entity type for your business is important. Properly running the business and adhering to the formalities are not activities done "just for show." They really matter. Those formalities such as keeping your business and personal finances separate and correctly following the business plan you create in your member agreement or bylaws are what protect you from unlimited liability when you choose a LLC or corporate form.

The advantage of working with our firm long term is that we can help with many of these formalities, that all relevant parties understand their obligations and ensure you and your partners, members or investors are protected.

We can also help you with an overall strategic plan for your business and even such long-term needs as succession planning. Illness and injury can strike you at anytime, so organizing your business from its inception to deal with such calamities can also protect your family.

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