Helping Contractors With Their Contracts

Your contracts are at the heart of your business. The terms of the contract set out the expectations for a transaction and spell out the deal you reached with the other party and formally memorialize the details.

This is very important; misunderstandings due to a poorly drafted contract or one that imprecisely states the details, can destroy a relationship and cost you and your business a great deal. It is like a bad blueprint, where the measurements simply don't add up.

Accurate Communication Is Essential

You want well-written contracts because not only do they communicate the benefits you expect (payment for work done, timely arrival of supplies for a job or skills provided by a subcontractor) but they also provide the remedies for a breach of contract by the other side.

Minnesota Construction Law Services, PLLC, knows the importance of strong, enforceable contracts for the construction industry and any business. Our attorney's background in business and with an MBA means we can look holistically at your business and offer advice on how to improve your expectation setting with your customers by use of clear and precise contracts.

We take the time to learn about your specific circumstance and work to fine-tune the language of the contract to ensure that it properly sets expectations and works to prevent misunderstanding from developing into disputes.

We Can Help With Your Contract Disputes

For many businesses, a contract dispute is one problem, but attempting to resolve the matter is another difficulty. Many business owners may feel they don't have time to be able to deal with that and keep their business on track with other matters. Our attorney can help by providing cost-effective litigation support, whether writing a demand letter, assisting with collections or mechanic's liens, or filing litigation in court.

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We are based in the Minneapolis metro area, but know you are busy and can't afford to lose time, so we typically bring our mobile office to you. Call us today to speak directly with our lawyer, and we can begin to work with you on your issue immediately. If you would like to discuss general construction business issues, call us at 651-484-4412, or use our convenient online form.