A past client has filed a warranty claim

A contractor's responsibility for a project doesn't end when he completes the work and gets paid. Clients can hold the firm and its trade partners responsible for some defects for up to 10 years.

Minnesota Construction Law Service is focused on representing contractors in warranty matters. And, unlike other construction law firms, we never represent homeowners against contractors.

Warranty Claim

While we are squarely on our clients' side, we also are pragmatists who consider the big picture and long-term consequences that warranty claims can have on business relationships.

Sometimes mediation and arbitration makes more sense than going to court. Most of all, we equip contractors with construction contracts and subcontractor agreements that manage legal liability and ensure that all responsible parties share responsibility for resolving problems.

If these situations are a bit too familiar, contact Minnesota Construction Law Services:

  • You don't have written agreements with your subcontractors
  • Your written agreement does not hold subcontractors to the 10-year warranty standard.
  • A past client is claiming you are responsible for faulty work.
  • A past client is holding you responsible for faulty work performed by a subcontractor.