I am being investigated by a licensing/regulatory agency

Nothing motivates a contractor to seek legal counsel faster than receiving a notice that the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI), OSHA or Department of Public Safety is investing a complaint. Minnesota Construction Law Services routinely works with clients to avoid these licensure, regulation and criminal challenges.

DOLI Letter

But if your company finds itself in the government's crosshairs, we also know just how to defend you and minimize ongoing damage to your business. Although we will represent you in court if necessary, we always attempt to settle these challenges in a way that controls your costs, minimizes risk and preserves important business relationships. Most important, we'll teach you how to put the law to work for you going forward.

If you are facing one of these common issues or want to learn how to avoid them, contact Minnesota Construction Law Services.

  • A client complained to DOLI about my work.
  • The state thinks I may be treating an independent contractor as an employee.
  • The state thinks I should cover worker's comp or unemployment costs for a subcontractor.
  • The state cited me for operating without the proper license or registration.
  • I have been cited for failure to follow lead safe practices and record keeping.
  • I have been cited for OSHA or Union violations on public or commercial job.
  • One of my employees was charged with a serious motor vehicle crime while driving a company vehicle. (DUI, accident with injuries...)

Our company went through 'hyper growth' over the past nine years. It came with a multitude of problems, including constant investigations by the state. Bill Gshwind's representation enabled us to survive as a business. He also provided guidance on how to restructure to put the right people and systems in place to avoid future problems. Thanks to Bill, we have been investigation free for the last 3 years! - GS