I have a serious problem with an employee

Employer/employee relations are like all relationships except that they have legal and financial consequences, not just emotional. The best way to protect you and achieve the behavior and performance you want from your team is to have a written employee handbook that establishes expectations, policies and procedures.

Employee Issue

A good employee handbook not only will help you attract employees who suit your company culture. It will enable you to hold people accountable and terminate misfits. If one of these common employee issues sounds familiar, you need Minnesota Construction Law Services:

  • An employee arrived for work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • An employee was in a serious motor vehicle accident while operating a company vehicle.
  • You or an employee has been accused of sexual harassment.
  • An employee has been accused of stealing from a client's home
  • An employee claims discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion.
  • An employee files a Worker's Compensation claim when you have reason to believe he was injured off the job.
  • An employee has a conflict of interest or is moonlighting for your clients.

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