I have an issue with a Subcontractor or GC counterpart

General Contractors and subcontractors rely on each other and share responsibility for successful projects. But it would be a mistake to think that their interests align perfectly when things go wrong. In fairness to all, written 10-year warranties for work done by General Contractors and their subcontractors should mirror each other so each is responsible for his work. However, General Contractors need to restrain from controlling subcontractors like employees.

Contractor Issue

Minnesota Construction Law Services focuses on advising clients how to avoid DOLI independent contractor misclassifications challenges that can make General Contractors liable for unemployment compensation and worker's compensation benefits for independent contractors. We also tailor subcontractor agreements to assign responsibility where it is appropriate.

If you are facing one of these common contractor relationship problems, Minnesota Construction Law Services is prepared to help:

  • A subcontractor refuses to take responsibility for a mistake and to correct the problem at his expenses.
  • A subcontractor is hurt on a jobsite and the state thinks the general contractor should cover the worker's compensation costs.
  • An independent contractor applies for unemployment compensation as winter begins and the state wants to charge the GC for his unemployment benefits.
  • A subcontractor has an immigration issue that is affecting his ability to meet my your production schedule.