Versatile Construction Litigation Services

Litigation is the formal process for resolving disputes, but no one wants to sue or be sued. It begins with the plaintiff stating his or her claim and the defendant answering that claim. And it ends with a third party, jury or judge deciding the case. In between is the complex process of preparing, exchanging and presenting information for the decision maker to reach a conclusion.

Although we are experienced and aggressive litigators, Minnesota Construction Law Services attorneys do not consider lawsuits our preferred path for dispute resolution. It is too costly, time consuming and emotionally draining for many of our clients. We do everything we can to resolve disputes without going to court. However, when litigation is necessary, we marshal our best resources to move swiftly and win.

Minnesota Construction Law Services litigators represent contractor and business clients in cases involving:

· Construction defects

· Breach of contract

· Collections and mechanics liens

· Partnership disputes

· Contractor/subcontractor disputes

· Employee disputes

Minnesota Construction Law Service is admitted to represent clients in both state and federal courts, including the US District Court of Minnesota. This enables us to argue cases where the opposing party is from outside Minnesota, the work was performed outside Minnesota and where compliance with federal laws is in dispute.

Unlike other law firms, Minnesota Construction Law Services does not represent homeowners against contractors. Contact us online today to learn more about our services.