Remodeling Industry Support

Company: National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Minnesota

Minnesota Construction Law Services is a long-time member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Minnesota Chapter. Bill Gschwind's support of member issues affects everyone within the industry. He currently is providing his expertise to represent our association on a multi-partner consortium that is working to review lead paint rules. He also has conducted NARI workshops on a variety of construction law topics. Thank you, Bill.

An Understanding Of Business

Company: APEX Construction Management

It's not very often that you can find an attorney who understands the inner workings of a business as well as Bill does. Before he became a lawyer, he was an entrepreneur who started, built, and operated businesses that served the construction industry. Bill has first hand experience with all of the moving parts of a construction business from strategy to cash flow. The issues we all deal with on a daily basis. With his experience and background he quickly understands your business needs and how to meet those needs from a legal perspective. Unfortunately, most people wait until they get in trouble before they call an attorney. Bill provides the seasoned counsel that you need to stay out of trouble in the first place. Bill is a trusted business partner who will very quickly become a friend that you can also trust for your personal legal planning.

A Wealth Of Knowledge

Company: Affordable Egress Windows & Basement Waterproofing LLC.

We have put all of trust in Bill for our business legal needs. His knowledge of construction law has been extremely helpful in growing our business. Bill has composed our remodeling contracts and employee handbooks, and has been a wealth of knowledge with all our legal inquiries. We would highly recommend Minnesota Construction Law Services.

A Business Partner

Company: Certified Moisture Testing

I have finally found an attorney that I feel is on my side. Being self-employed with employees presents unique situations almost daily. Bill’s long term business background and business understanding is a benefit not too many attorneys can provide. He has helped me with different issues that are not always legal. I was stalled on a project for over 2 years. Bill not only gave me new insight on how to approach the project but got me motivated to continue. I’ve dealt with many in the legal community over the years but none have given me advice like Bill has.

Valuable Asset

Company: Tomco Company Inc.

Bill (Minn. Construction Law Services) has an ability to write legal documents in a way that normal people can actually read and understand. He has helped Tomco Company by writing several of our contract documents. As needed, he has tailored them to meet our specific needs. Bill has always provided valuable insights and documents that comfort me with the knowledge that we have our legal affairs in order. That way we can focus on what we do best, remodeling homes in the North Metro.

My Law Partner

Company: Castle Home Services, Inc.

Bill and I have worked together on several endeavors. He has written Contracts, Leases, and Partnership Agreements for me. All of our dealings have been very much to my satisfaction. He is a good listener, has a wonderful way of presenting you with your options with the pros and cons, and has always been very fair. I don't know what more you could ask for in a Law Partner.

Critical Advice, Fairly Priced


Bill has provided me critical advice on several occasions. Depending on my needs, he has been very flexible in providing his services by traveling to my office, over the phone, or by email. Bill has proven very efficient in his services and does not create extra billable hours with unneeded fluff. I have been very happy with Minnesota Construction Law Services.

Properly Protected

Company: Edit Design Build Studio

I can't say enough great things about Bill. He helped us write our first sub contractor agreement, something we had always known was critical to our growth but had not yet implemented. He worked with us and our insurance company to navigate the multitude of questions we had while bridging those two areas, and was continuously professional, clear, thorough and upfront. He distills complex legal information into concise and clear stories. He is a wealth of knowledge and we will continue to seek him out for all of our legal needs.

Our Shield Of Armor

Company: All Around

Seriously the smartest man I have ever worked with! Bill has given our business a shield of armor that allows us the confidence to take on new types of opportunities that we would not take on in the past due to exposures and risks we were not willing to accept. He has also collected tens of thousands of dollars in outstanding balances from clients of ours that we feared we would never see. He holds people accountable for the contracts they have entered into and keeps us compliant so that we can stay in business for many years to come. The guy even negotiated the deal we made when buying our domain name with a very reluctant seller that would not entertain our offers until he made a call to her. We would not be where we are today or be heading in the direction we are heading if it were not for the amazing help of Bill Gschwind and MNCLS. There is not much this guy cannot do for your business.....

Patient, Beyond Helpful

Company: To Serve Contracting, LLC

I have put Bill through the grinder to say the least, but he has always been patient, understanding and comprehensive with my unique circumstances. Bill’s biggest strength is his ability to help me understand complex situations while providing me with numerous options. Bill is easy to work with, has very fair rates, and is beyond helpful. Thanks Bill!

Trusted Advisor

Company: J Carsten Remodeling

I have used Bill for about a year for contract review and for advice on other legal matters. Bill is always responsive and straight forward in his advice. I trust that Bill's advice will keep me and my company protected against any number of legal issues. I would highly recommend MN Construction Law Services.

Squarely In The Contractor Corner

Company: Content Craftsmen

As a fellow NARI member, I appreciate that Bill specializes in construction law and serving Minnesota residential contractors. In fact, he declines when homeowners ask him to represent them against contractors. I cannot say that for other attorneys who are NARI members. When I meet Bill at NARI functions and industry roundtables, I always learn something that is both important and useful. Although I do not usually warm to attorneys (except for my own daughter), Bill is different. He wears golf shirts rather than suits. He usually does not charge clients by the 1/10th of an hour. He embraces digital technology. And he acts as a true counselor to small businesses, not just a hired gun reserved for when things go bad. Every contractor needs someone like Bill. I am glad I met him through my NARI membership.