Shelley VanDyke


Shelley VanDyke

Shelly Laughing
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

When Bill founded Minnesota Construction Law Services, he made sure Shelley was a part of the team- she’s that good. At Minnesota Construction Law Services, Shelley serves as the Paralegal.  A construction law firm is not court rulings and intense business meetings, but also the research and daily preparations that keep the firm afloat, and nobody is better at that than Shelley.

Shelley is the person whom the clients call. She does it all, between researching, drafting, and ensuring everything is in line, Shelley is always there for the clients. She is the person they call for a question or just to chat. Shelley takes the time to build that relationship, a quality demonstrated across MNCLS because like Shelley, they want to build relationships.

To Shelley, family is everything. Shelley and her husband have two kids, two dogs, and a steady stream of foster puppies. As she says, “I work and then I chase my kids around and I pick on my husband.”  She coaches her daughter’s soccer team and never misses her son’s tennis matches. Shelley cares for her family as she cares for MNCLS, it’s truly incomparable. She also enjoys toughing it in a tent, because a camper would be too easy.

Minnesota School of Business, 2011, ASA: Paralegal Studies

We build that relationship because we care about your business.