Tanya Everson

Legal Administrator

Tanya Everson

Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

Tanya has extensive experience as a legal assistant including an impressive ability to not only understand and execute what needs to be accomplished, but also the proficiency to improve the process along the way. She has worked for multiple construction companies and understands the special considerations for supporting personal and favorable legal services. In addition, Tanya has a background closely working with small business owners and recognizes the unique dedication owners have to their business. Her involvement in law, construction, and business allows Tanya to understand and connect with MNCLS’ clients.

At the office, Tanya is the ultimate helper, bettering the daily lives of both the MNCLS team and clients. She works with all legal aspects of MNCLS providing expertise from litigation to contracts. Whether it’s getting the team organized or sending off the final documents, Tanya focuses on making those around her feel supported. For MNCLS clients, this means taking the time to cultivate a relationship to achieve the team’s comprehensive approach to business growth.

While not at work, Tanya still remains a helper. She has served for Meals on Wheels for 25 years. She is motivated by the recipients’ smiles and the ability to be a person of comfort. Tanya has a son who has recently surpassed her height, which she is still getting used to. On the weekends, you’ll find Tanya camping, hiking, or riding around on her rollerblades. Ideally, anywhere close to the ocean.

Association of Legal Administrators Minnesota (ALAMN)

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