Imagine you’re told to build a birdhouse from a template. The template should come with an image of what the final birdhouse should look like and the step by step instructions to build the birdhouse. Now imagine you didn’t receive what the picture of the birdhouse should look like, or the instructions in order to […]
Why You Need a Master Electrician A master electrician, otherwise referred to as the responsible licensed individual (RLI), is the top position in the electrician trade. Since an RLI meets specific master electrician requirements, as compared to a Journeyman license, they are the person responsible for overseeing the project so everything is planned, designed, and […]
What is an entity? In the eyes of the law, an entity is a person that is separate from other businesses or individuals. An entity is a business, and it allows the business to act as its own person outside the direct connection to the owner. Legal entity formation is the business equivalent to giving […]
We Don’t Serve Contractors, We Work Alongside Them Minnesota Construction Law Services (MNCLS) is a law firm that doesn’t just serve contractors, we are personally involved in the industry right alongside them. We don’t sit looking down from skyscrapers downtown, instead, we visit with our clients at their job sites. We focus on the individual […]
Bill Gschwind, MNCLS Principal Attorney and Founding Partner, was recognized as the 2020 Housing Industry Leader of the Year! The award is provided by Housing First Minnesota, a trade association that is the leading voice and advocate for affordable housing in Minnesota. The majority of Housing First Minnesota’s members are home builders and remodelers Bill […]
On July 1st, 2020, Courtney Ernston, MNCLS Attorney, became a partner of Minnesota Construction Law Services alongside Bill Gschwind, Founder and Principal Attorney. While the public announcement is recent, the plan has been years in the making. From the beginning when Courtney joined the firm in 2017, Bill and Courtney formed a balanced partnership. Courtney […]
It has been months since Covid-19 started to loom over the world. During this period, we have seen numerous new situations arise that would have otherwise been irrelevant during a non-pandemic time. One of these situations that is particularly relevant to the nature of construction is Covid-19 liability. On July 27, 2020, the US Senate […]