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What is force majeure and how does it relate to COVID? What happens if a tornado strikes or a flood occurs causing the construction work to be destroyed and causing delays in the construction project? In contracts, there is a force majeure clause that protects against such unforeseen events, commonly referred to as acts of […]
It has been months since Covid-19 started to loom over the world. During this period, we have seen numerous new situations arise that would have otherwise been irrelevant during a non-pandemic time. One of these situations that is particularly relevant to the nature of construction is Covid-19 liability. On July 27, 2020, the US Senate […]
We have drafted these sample documents to be a guide for your policies that must be implemented on June 29th, 2020 per the Minnesota requirements.  These documents are meant to be a guide and you should tailor these to your own business practices.  Particularly, the highlighted portions must be inserted based on your own business. […]
How is COVID-19 affecting the construction industry? On Monday, March 30th, Courtney Ernston, MNCLS Attorney at Law, hosted a webinar discussing how COVID-19 could impact construction businesses. The main points discussed include: MN Stay-at-Home Critical sector Most construction is considered “critical” MN specific information Unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic Small business economic loan program […]
Hello to you all in this trying time of uncertainty and fear.  Our thoughts are with everyone that is or will be affected by this event, whether physically, emotionally, or economically.  We’ve put together a few pointers for your businesses that we hope will be helpful. If there is anything we can do to help, […]