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Safety and knowledge are our top priorities, so we want to make sure you’re up to speed on the latest regulations that affect our industry. OSHA has just launched a new Enforcement Emphasis Program on Falls in construction, aiming to tackle the serious issue of falls, which is the leading cause of fatalities and serious […]
One of the reasons Minnesota Construction Law Services is so passionate about helping professionals in the construction industry is that, prior to becoming attorneys, we made our living in the construction industry. During this time, we encountered many of the same struggles our clients face, which has helped to inform our unique approach to law. […]
OSHA’s Injury and Illness Reporting requirement is due annually for most businesses with 20 or more employees. This requires physically posting the Form 300A Log at the physical place of business, and electronically on OSHA’s ITA site. This is not an optional provision. Instead, this is mandatory for many, if not most, businesses that meet certain […]
Housing Shortage in Minnesota We’re currently experiencing a housing shortage in Minnesota. The competition, prices, and regulations of homes only continue to rise. Finding a home is becoming a battlefield. Buying a home is breaking the bank and the regulations for building or remodeling homes are accumulating at an absurd (and unnecessary) speed. The housing […]
We don’t just say that “we are different from other law firms,” we live by those words. Every interaction, process, and decision works to create our distinction and provide our clients with a legal and business partner, not just a fancy lawyer oblivious to how construction actually works. A core way we demonstrate our differentiation […]
Why You Need a Master Electrician A master electrician, otherwise referred to as the responsible licensed individual (RLI), is the top position in the electrician trade. Since an RLI meets specific master electrician requirements, as compared to a Journeyman license, they are the person responsible for overseeing the project so everything is planned, designed, and […]
Bill Gschwind, MNCLS Principal Attorney and Founding Partner, was recognized as the 2020 Housing Industry Leader of the Year! The award is provided by Housing First Minnesota, a trade association that is the leading voice and advocate for affordable housing in Minnesota. The majority of Housing First Minnesota’s members are home builders and remodelers Bill […]
On July 1st, 2020, Courtney Ernston, MNCLS Attorney, became a partner of Minnesota Construction Law Services alongside Bill Gschwind, Founder and Principal Attorney. While the public announcement is recent, the plan has been years in the making. From the beginning when Courtney joined the firm in 2017, Bill and Courtney formed a balanced partnership. Courtney […]