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Any construction professional or business owner with a few miles on their hard hat will be familiar with a business entity, but recognizing the significance of a business entity is not necessarily something that comes with time spent on the job site. Business entities function as a person independent of the business owner(s) and protect […]
With the rise in divorce rates in America, there has also been an uptick in films which focus on “blended” families. Blended saw Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore (reluctantly) merge their two families, as did the far more raunchy Step Brothers. Of course, most of us still remember the original blended family film, Yours, Mine, […]
Surviving the construction industry takes a certain stomach. While the ability to build a career through hard, honest work draws many professionals to the industry, those who have put a few miles on their steel-toed boots know that having to go out of pocket on job after job due to the lack of up-front payments […]
Try as they might to provide the best possible workmanship and adhere to exceptional quality standards, Minnesota builders may still find themselves the reluctant recipients of complaints regarding the quality of work. In the event that a customer levels a defect complaint, contractors and subcontractors need to be ready to defend both their work and […]
If you’re a construction professional reading this, you won’t be surprised to hear that Minnesota has strict residential building codes. Whether you think the increased regulations are a thorn in your side, a hindrance to your bottom line, or help to improve the quality of work done by Minnesota construction professionals, the bottom line is that […]
Though smaller construction firms have more to gain from partnerships or joint ventures, businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from the support of another. In 2023, with labor shortages and supply-chain issues acting as a wet blanket for productivity, the need for these types of arrangements may be at an all-time high.  Joint ventureships […]
Like any partnership — from lab partners to married couples — the success of a business partnership is dependent on a number of factors. Syncing up on values, strategy, compensation, and fostering clear communication throughout the duration of the partnership will be key. Without a set of “blueprints” to guide the construction partnership process and […]
When summer overtakes the doldrums of winter, the team at MNCLS spends off hours reminiscing over some of our fondest summertime memories. Trips to Valleyfair complete with ice cream cones and knocked-out naps on the car ride home, and weekends spent on Lake Superior came to mind.  Thinking about those weekends on Lake Superior’s beaches […]
Working with (or for) family isn’t for everyone. To some, the opportunity to work with loved ones may be the most rewarding aspect of even the most illustrious careers. To others, it can be the thorn in the side to end all side-thorns. Whether or not you’re up to the challenge of working with family […]
Growing a business is like maintaining a bonsai — it takes way more work than you could ever expect, and if you do it right it’ll be around long after you’re there to care for it. While you can pawn your bonsai off on any willing neighbor or green-thumbed niece or nephew, succession planning for […]