Department of Labor & Industry Actions


Department of Labor & Industry Actions

When contractors receive a Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry investigation notice, they need legal representation; you don’t want to handle these on your own. If not handled properly, DOLI has the authority to take away a residential contractor’s license, destroying their business and livelihood. It is critical to work with a legal partner when navigating Department of Labor enforcement actions so you are able to effectively resolve the issue and protect your license.

Not only does MNCLS help contractors handle DOLI investigations, we help contractors ensure they understand and are aligned with Minnesota’s rules and regulations to avoid such situations. MNCLS recognizes the extreme standards construction companies need to comply with; that’s why we make sure your business is following the rules so you can focus on selling more projects and making more money.


What is our process?

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Department of Labor & Industry Actions

Common Issues

MNCLS actively works to protect contractors against the risks of a Minnesota DOLI investigation by putting in precautionary measures and reviewing contracts and procedures for regulatory compliance. We represent contractors who receive Department of Labor notices to avoid potential personal and business damages, including the loss of a license. In fact, MNCLS is actively involved in trade associations advocating for contractors to reduce the burdensome and disproportionate rules and regulations.

MNCLS will analyze your contracts and offer revisions or replacements to ensure compliance. We also help develop new contracts that follow Minnesota’s rules and regulations.

MNCLS will review the letter to understand what the notice is referencing and help you navigate the next steps. If the letter is notice of an investigation, we will represent your business during the process.

Since DOL oversees other departments and operations that impact contractors, it is important to consider these aspects when dealing with DOL.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Misclassification of employees vs independent contractors
  • Building codes


We eliminate the guesswork and fine print of construction law in Minnesota.