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Our attorneys are tough, but equally smart. We know how to resolve claims without the inconvenience of litigation but when litigation is necessary, we don’t back down from a fight. We have experience with Minnesota business law and Minnesota construction law handling both simple and complex cases at the trial and appellate level. We pride ourselves on remembering that your business and your peace of mind are the most important things. That means we either encourage litigation by explaining the strengths of your case and the tools that we have, or we have the tough conversation that litigation is not the best route or the even tougher conversation that it is time to pull the plug on a lawsuit that is already underway.

That does not mean that we do not pull out all the stops, it just means that we care more about you than we do about billable hours. We also know that this is your fight, and, if you are armed with all the tools to make the decision, we will get back in the ring. We know what it is like to get bill upon bill from a law firm, feeling like you are doing all their work for them, and ending up with a less than stellar result. Because we know what it’s like, we don’t do that.

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Resolving conflicts in construction requires extensive knowledge of available legal remedies to guarantee a route that best benefits the contractor. At MNCLS, we provide resolutions that serve your business, and if that means litigation, you’re backed by a recognized and powerful team.


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Common Issues

At Minnesota Construction Law Services, we are more than just a law firm, we are a partner. That means we prepare, guide, and represent on your behalf. We’ve handled breaches of contract, collections, mechanic’s lien foreclosures, subcontractor and independent contractor disputes, partnership disputes, trade secret claims, sexual harassment claims, construction defects, and more. Below are just a few of the questions we receive.

The most common type of litigation to result from construction contracts is a breach of the contract. This is when there is a violation of the original contract, such as the construction will not be completed on time or there is a need for additional funds. A construction law attorney understands the specifics of construction contracts and know the best solutions specific to your company.

Construction litigation is when a dispute must be solved in court in front of a jury or judge while a construction arbitration is when a dispute is solved between the parties using a non-affiliated third party that evaluates the case and establishes a resolution. Litigation is considered the last solution because it demands more time and resources compared to arbitration, although is necessary in certain cases.

The best way to avoid construction litigation is to have an experienced construction law attorney develop or review the contract before the project begins. When a contract does not fully outline the scope of the project, it risks miscommunication and confusion between the parties that can lead to disputes and other conflicts. A business partnership with attorneys that specialize in construction laws and regulations will significantly decrease the chances of construction litigation.


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