Breach of Contract


Breach of Contract

A construction contract is a rulebook that keeps projects, working relationships, and expectations successful. When there is a breach of contract it means that one of the parties did not uphold their portion of the contract, meaning they broke the rules. When rules are broken in construction it can significantly harm the contractor’s business, including not receiving payments, delaying projects, damaging partnerships, impairing reputation, and more. A contract should safeguard the contractor, so when it is not followed, we make sure that the contractor remains protected.

We are your breach of contract attorney that focuses on the best solutions for the contractor’s business using both our legal and business remedies. We are transparent about your options so you can make an informed decision based on realistic outcomes. No matter the type of breach of contract or the route you want to take, ready to help you get everything you’re entitled to.

  • Partnership disputes
  • Constructor-subcontractor contract disputes
  • Breach of employee contracts


What is our process?

Breach of Contract

Common Issues

A breach of contract can be a result of various factors and from different parties. Since contractors are a fundamental part of construction, the rules outlined in the contract must be upheld so each party delivers and receives what they agreed to. For contractors, if a contract is broken or disputed it can significantly inhibit their performance, project, or business. We understand the importance of contracts for our clients, so not only do we fight to enforce them, we provide proactive measures. We help contractors build contracts that will protect them and their business.

It is dependent on the dollar amount in controversy. We will help you clearly understand how much the process will cost in comparison to how much you could receive.

Typically the contract will disclose who is responsible for the attorney’s fees. At MNCLS, we ensure attorney fees are addressed in the contracts we build so that the liable party pays the attorney’s fees.


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