Employee Disputes


Employee Disputes

Various factors can cause employment issues and can be claimed by both the employer and employee. This can include a breach of the nonsolicitation contract, meaning the employee who left the company cannot use the company’s customers for personal gain or badmouth the company. If the contract for commission-based employees does not explicitly outline when and how the commission is paid, it can unknowingly lead to employer liability based on Minnesota law. It is critical that when contracts are required for employees it is created and implemented correctly so the employee is aware of their expectations while the employer remains protected.

Minnesota Construction Law Services understands the numerous roles general contractors must assume, including the difficulties of being a business owner and employer. Our attorneys for employment issues will represent you and your business during the resolution process that will enforce your rights as a contractor while putting your business at front of mind.


What is our process?

Employee Disputes

Common Issues

In Minnesota, oftentimes law firms will take on employer-employee disputes because the statute will pay for the attorney’s fees. Lawyers that deal with employment issues and treat the case as a paycheck rather than a business decision will file the case assuming the employer will eventually be forced to pay, therefore receiving money from the case. An employer-employee dispute can be a costly and prolonged process if not handled by experienced attorneys. At MNCLS, we care more about the contractor’s business than any personal reward.

A contract is not required for a typical employee, referred to as an employee at will. Instead, you need to have the proper documents and policies in place for employees, such as an employee handbook. If the employee is considered an employee with a contract, then a formal contract is required which includes additional steps and documentation.


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