DOLI Notices


DOLI Notices

DOLI, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, is the department responsible for ensuring work environments are equal and safe. When DOLI receives a complaint, they open an investigation. When an investigation is opened, they will send a letter, or an email due to COVID-19, formally informing your business. This is a legal inquiry into your business that can have serious consequences. The contractor needs to immediately contact an attorney to represent them.

Investigators at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry are well-trained, highly competent, professional investigators charged with enforcing DOLI rules. They are extremely skilled at their job. Our team at MNCLS knows how to address the investigation and communicate with the investigators to create a productive process and form respectful relationships. We represent contractors from the initial DOLI notice to the final resolution.

  • Minnesota wage theft notice
  • Minnesota DOLI COBRA notice
  • Minnesota construction safety and equality


What is our process?

DOLI Notices

Common Issues

Department of Labor and Industry notices are serious inquiries into your business conducted by legal authorities with the power to impose fines and administer licensing actions. When DOLI is investigating your business, it inherently includes costly penalties. Responding to a DOLI investigation is not something contractors should handle themselves because the investigators know how to identify culpability and enforce legal liability. MNCLS understands DOLI’s process and how to effectively respond in the best interest of the contractor to guide a constructive and firm process.

They are professional investigators that know how to obtain the information they need to support the complaint and enforce legal actions. A DOLI investigation needs to be managed by an attorney that understands how to address and handle the situation that will protect the contractor and their business.

It is a formal investigation into a contractor’s license. It is purely to investigate the filed complaint, not resolve a dispute This means they are not looking for possible ways to resolve a customer dispute but rather investigating whether the contractor complied with all of the licensing laws and rules.

The cost depends on the complexity of and reason for the investigation. Let’s be honest, hiring us to represent you in the investigation is not cheap, but the cost of mishandling the case yourself could easily be greater.

Be careful not to take the category of violation or the amount of the fine as an indication of the seriousness of the issue. OSHA may appear to “go easy” on the first violation. They take second violations very seriously. If there’s any possibility of resolving the issue without a citation, hands down that’s the best option even if the cost is greater than the fine. MNCLS attorneys are experienced representing contractors in OSHA violation matters.


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