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We've lived the 'hard hats' life too.

Before we became construction attorneys, we worked in construction. We know how the construction world works.

Lawyer shouldn't be a dreaded word

Not interested in a traditional construction law firm? Neither are we. MNCLS is your legal and business partner for growth.

We do more than just law

Our expertise is diverse; whether business, construction, or the law, we have the right tools for your situation.


We grow businesses

Our knowledge goes beyond just construction laws and regulations, we understand how construction businesses operate.

We don't just dispute, we protect

An ongoing business partnership with MNCLS helps protect your relationships with customers and trade partners to prevent legal issues.

We speak your lingo

Our background working and living in the construction industry and managing businesses means we understand your world.

Minnesota Construction Law Services keeps the simple simple

Business Law

Running a contracting business poses many unique challenges. As your business partner with legal expertise we help manage...

Construction Law

Construction law is complicated: Complicated documents and complicated lingo. What we do for you is simplify the complicated...

Regulatory & Licensing

Between helping you set up structures to avoid investigations or defending you against complaints, we develop strategies to...


We are prepared, experienced, and aggressive. If litigation is necessary, we are ready. But even better, we have...


Getting paid shouldn't be an obstacle. You deserve to be compensated for your work. We've mastered the collections...


Areas of Practice

You use trade subcontractors for the construction projects you manage. Think of us as the legal subcontractors for the business you own. Our services are focused to grow Minnesota construction businesses.


What We’ve Collected on Behalf of Our Clients


OSHA Cracks Down on Falls in Construction: What You Need to Know

Safety and knowledge are our top priorities, so we want to make sure you’re up to speed on the latest regulations that affect our industry. OSHA has just launched a new Enforcement Emphasis Program on Falls in construction, aiming to tackle the serious issue of falls, which is the leading cause of fatalities and serious […]

Why a Business Entity Matters

Any construction professional or business owner with a few miles on their hard hat will be familiar with a business entity, but recognizing the significance of a business entity is not necessarily something that comes with time spent on the job site. Business entities function as a person independent of the business owner(s) and protect […]

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Tips for Construction Mergers and Acquisitions

With the rise in divorce rates in America, there has also been an uptick in films which focus on “blended” families. Blended saw Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore (reluctantly) merge their two families, as did the far more raunchy Step Brothers. Of course, most of us still remember the original blended family film, Yours, Mine, […]


Recent Blogs

When dealing with legal issues as a general contractor it is so important to work with someone that understands what you do. We have been looking for a partner not only to help us deal with certain legal issues but also to help us from ever getting in to those situation again and I believe that we have found that partner with Bill and his team.

Hannah Lindstrom

It's not very often that you can find an attorney who understands the inner workings of a business as well as Bill does. Before he became a lawyer, he was an entrepreneur who started, built, and operated businesses that served the construction industry. Bill has first hand experience with all of the moving parts of a construction business from strategy to cash flow. The issues we all deal with on a daily basis. With his experience and background he quickly understands your business needs and how to meet those needs from a legal perspective. Unfortunately, most people wait until they get in trouble before they call an attorney. Bill provides the seasoned counsel that you need to stay out of trouble in the first place. Bill is a trusted business partner who will very quickly become a friend that you can also trust for your personal legal planning.

John Biancini

I have finally found an attorney that I feel is on my side. Being self-employed with employees presents unique situations almost daily. Bill’s long term business background and business understanding is a benefit not too many attorneys can provide. He has helped me with different issues that are not always legal. I was stalled on a project for over 2 years. Bill not only gave me new insight on how to approach the project but got me motivated to continue. I’ve dealt with many in the legal community over the years but none have given me advice like Bill has.

Certified Moisture Testing


What Our Clients Think

We could use a lot of big words and flash some fancy credentials to prove just how great we are, but we know that what matters to you is that we do the job right. So, we think you should hear it straight from our clients themselves.


Providing large law firm capabilities at the individual level

Let us prove that value is a result of experience, not size

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