Minnesota Construction Law Services keeps the simple simple

We grow businesses

Our knowledge goes beyond just construction laws and regulations, we understand how construction businesses operate.

We don't just dispute, we protect

An ongoing business partnership with MNCLS helps protect your relationships with customers and trade partners to prevent legal issues.

We speak your lingo

Our background working and living in the construction industry and managing small businesses means we understand your world.

Business Subcontractor

Areas of Practice

You use subcontractors for the construction projects you manage, we are the subcontractors for the business you own. Our services concentrate on growing Minnesota construction businesses.

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What We’ve Collected on Behalf of Our Clients

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What Our Clients Think

We could use a lot of big words and flash some fancy credentials to prove just how great we are, but we know that what matters to you is that we do the job right. So, we think you should hear it straight from our clients themselves.


You build badass things, we do kickass lawyer stuff

It’s simple. Just call, we’ll prove it.