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The Good Contractor Checklist: Avoid Fraud and Build Trust

Understanding Contracting Scams An unfortunate truth in the construction industry is that contractors are sometimes accused of scamming the client or being labeled as ‘con-artists.’ Often, a ‘con-artist’ contractor doesn’t have bad intentions. Instead, they don’t adequately cover their bases while communicating and negotiating the contract. Thankfully, we can prevent these accusations and maintain your […]

Frequently Asked Questions about MNOSHA

What is MNOSHA? MNOSHA, or the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as the Minnesota State Plan, is the program and protocol to enforce Federal-mandated OSHA compliance in the state, as well as additional state-specific regulations. The government created OSHA to ensure that every workplace is a safe environment for employees. MNOSHA has […]

MNABC: Advocates for Merit Shop Construction

Featured Organization: MNABC ABC, or the Associated Builders and Contractors, is a national construction industry trade organization representing more than 21,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms. Although there are 70 chapters across the United States, MNCLS would like to shine a spotlight on the local branch of ABC, Contractors of North Dakota and Minnesota, […]


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