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Construction Contracts

Construction Contracts

In construction, contracts provide the ‘rules of the game’. They clearly define the responsibilities of the contractor and all other parties involved. A contract for construction work is designed to protect the contractor against unwarranted claims. The contract should explicitly outline the expectations and deliverables for each party, therefore providing the means to easily settle potential disputes and liability issues.

At MNCLS, we are your construction contract lawyer with extensive knowledge of business law. We understand what information is required to be included in a standard construction contract from the contractor’s perspective, as well as the specific protocols that will protect your business. This is especially relevant in Minnesota where regulations extend to specific language that must be in the contract. If your construction contracts are not drafted correctly, you could face damaging costs.


  • Contracts are the rules of the game

  • Construction contract between the owner and contractor

  • Compliant with DOLI’s regulations


What is our process?

We want to understand how you define a successful outcome. For transactional issues, what are the important issues that need to be addressed in the document we are drafting? For disputes, what is the desired resolution or outcome?

Step One: Learn your objectives and goals

For transactional, we draft a document that will achieve the desired outcome and reflect the client’s business. For disputes, we uphold the obligations stated in the contracts and/or determine reasonable remedies for issues not addressed in the contract.

Step Three: Craft the strategy

For transactional, what have the parties agreed to and has an agreement been reached on all the key issues? For disputes, we need to know whether the contract addresses the issue, how it was addressed, who’s at fault, and what damages resulted

Step Two: Understand your concerns and issues

Following the strategy developed with and approved by the client, we move to achieve the intended result. Whether drafting a document or resolving a dispute, we’ll keep you informed on how things are going so you can focus on your business.

Step Four: Implement the remedy

Common Issues

If your standard construction contract does not follow regulations or include the details of the construction project and who is involved, it puts your company at risk. At MNCLS, we create contracts that are easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to use so your business is properly protected for each project.


  • We ensure our contracts are created using standard language to make them easy for your customers, and you, to understand. There is no ambiguity about the project deliverables and who is responsible for what. We understand what it is like to be on both sides of a contract for construction work; we can create a contract that both protects the contractor while providing the communication that is favored by your customers.

  • A good contract will include provisions that address potential disputes and meet all of Minnesota’s construction contract regulations to swiftly confront and settle disputes. It clearly outlines the construction project so that the contractor is not responsible for unfair claims and receives compensation for its work.

  • At MNCLS, we typically provide a flat fee for all contracts. We discuss the pricing before the process begins so that you do not receive any surprises down the road.

We eliminate the guesswork and fine print of construction law in Minnesota.


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