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Contractor Licensing

Contractor Licensing

For residential contractors, receiving and maintaining your contractor license is an ongoing and highly regulated process. In order to continue working in residential construction, you need to ensure you and your business comply with the state’s regulations. MNCLS understands how important it is to obtain and maintain your license for construction work; therefore, we provide numerous services that help safeguard your business and livelihood.

Since residential contractors are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education (CE) before renewing their license every two years, we offer relevant and engaging CE courses to fulfill these requirements. Visit our events page for upcoming courses. In addition, we provide representation during a DOLI investigation. Visit our Department of Labor & Industry Actions page for more information.



What is our process?

If a client receives a notice or recognizes a potential issue, we gather all the information available from the client to determine if a violation has occurred and how best to defend the client from the allegations.

Step One: Determine regulation compliance

When we uncover an issue, we start with a review of the laws, rules, and regulations involved. We also evaluate the facts to uncover whether there is more than one way to interpret the way the regulations are being applied to the facts.

Step Two: Review the DOL regulations

We advise our contractors on how to remain compliant through educational training and partnership guidance. Our services help uphold your company’s reputation, therefore helping you sell more projects.

Step Four: Prepare for the future

We help you understand why your actions are not in compliance with laws and regulations so you can make the necessary changes, or can understand the risk should you choose not to make changes.

Step Three: Determine your compliance

Common Issues

A license is the key to a residential contractor’s livelihood; without a valid license, you’re unable to work or run your business. To the Department of Labor & Industry, a license is a privilege, not a right; therefore, contractors do not automatically receive a license. Instead, they must prove that they deserve it and comply with all the rules to keep it. We help contractors navigate the rules and regulations of obtaining and retaining their licenses for residential construction work.


  • We can review and analyze your current contracts and make updates as needed, from minor tweaks to complete rewrites. We will help you understand what makes a good contract, so you are more comfortable when customers ask questions or want changes to your document.

  • We understand the rules and procedures licensed contractors need to follow both on a federal and state level. We will work through this process with you to understand what you do and why to do it, whether improvements are needed or recommended, , and then help you develop a plan for implementing compliant business practices.

  • There are numerous rules, laws, and requirements licensed contractors need to follow to be compliant, avoid DOLI investigations, and ensure license renewals. We help you create a strategy for your business so you can become or maintain compliance within your timeline and budget.

There are too many rules. We don't enforce, we just inform.


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