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Collection and Creditor Remedies

Collection and Creditor Remedies

Contractors deserve to be paid for their work; while it seems straightforward, there are numerous circumstances when the customer refuses to pay the money to which the contractor is entitled. In these situations, you need an authority figure with the appropriate tools to collect your payment. As attorneys that handle collections, we have the tools and legal remedies to make the collection laws work for you. This includes enforcing construction contracts, filing mechanics liens, bringing a claim to conciliation or district court, garnishing wages, levying against bank accounts, attaching assets, and much more.

We have legal tools that are not available to a traditional construction debt collection agency; they can only ask for payment where we can demand it. MNCLS is able to determine which collection tool is best for your situation and will get you paid quickest for the lowest cost.



What is our process?

We want to understand how you define a successful outcome. For transactional issues, what are the important issues that need to be addressed in the document we are drafting? For disputes, what is the desired resolution or outcome?

Step One: Learn your objectives and goals

For transactional, we draft a document that will achieve the desired outcome and reflect the client’s business. For disputes, we uphold the obligations stated in the contracts and/or determine reasonable remedies for issues not addressed in the contract.

Step Three: Craft the strategy

For transactional, what have the parties agreed to and has an agreement been reached on all the key issues? For disputes, we need to know whether the contract addresses the issue, how it was addressed, who’s at fault, and what damages resulted

Step Two: Understand your concerns and issues

Following the strategy developed with and approved by the client, we move to achieve the intended result. Whether drafting a document or resolving a dispute, we’ll keep you informed on how things are going so you can focus on your business.

Step Four: Implement the remedy

Common Issues

Customers don’t pay for a lot of reasons; sometimes they need a little “encouragement” to pay contractors the money they deserve – we provide this assertive and legal encouragement. Using our resources to quickly implement collection laws is crucial because after just 60 days, the odds of collecting significantly decrease. Our construction collection services move swiftly so you receive your money efficiently and profitably.


  • We evaluate your situation to determine which route is best for your business in the long run. We first use inexpensive and effective tactics for collecting money, which oftentimes is successful. If these options do not work, we reexamine the situation and available tools to decide the next steps. You have the option of paying a percentage of what we collect or paying for the time we spend on your behalf.

  • As Minnesota collection attorneys, we have unique tools available that can improve the collection process by saving time and money. Some of the tools we use include:

    • Construction contracts

    • Mechanics liens

    • Conciliation court

    • District court

    • Wage garnishment

    • Bank account levies

  • You chose the payment method that works best for you. We bill based on a contingency fee agreement, meaning we will only get paid when we collect, or we bill for the time we spend on your behalf during the process.

We eliminate the guesswork and fine print of construction law in Minnesota.


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