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OSHA Complaints

OSHA Complaints

OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a government agency that enforces safe and healthful working conditions. OSHA’s number one goal is to ensure all your workers return home at the end of the day injury-free by following safety standards and procedures. OSHA will investigate potential safety issues or accidents in order to protect employees. As a general contractor, you are responsible for the safety of your job site, but liability can become a complication when you have both employees and independent contractors.

An OSHA complaint is a legal dispute investigating a contractor’s liability for a safety claim or accident. MNCLS has experience working with OSHA issues and understands how to respond and manage these cases. We know how to interpret and implement practices that comply with OSHA’s regulations so you are confident your worksite is operating safely. Nobody wants an accident on a job site, especially the contractor.



What is our process?

If a client receives a notice or recognizes a potential issue, we gather all the information available from the client to determine if a violation has occurred and how best to defend the client from the allegations.

Step One: Determine regulation compliance

When we uncover an issue, we start with a review of the laws, rules, and regulations involved. We also evaluate the facts to uncover whether there is more than one way to interpret the way the regulations are being applied to the facts.

Step Two: Review the DOL regulations

We advise our contractors on how to remain compliant through educational training and partnership guidance. Our services help uphold your company’s reputation, therefore helping you sell more projects.

Step Four: Prepare for the future

We help you understand why your actions are not in compliance with laws and regulations so you can make the necessary changes, or can understand the risk should you choose not to make changes.

Step Three: Determine your compliance

Common Issues

An accident on a job site is a frightening experience that can quickly result in a problematic situation for the contractor. For example, if an employee is misclassified as an independent contractor and is hurt on the job site, the contractor’s workers’ compensation policy will be required to cover the injury. Workers’ compensation plays a large role in OSHA issues and can determine if the contractor is liable and for how much. There are various factors to consider when following and applying OSHA safety procedures that require an in-depth understanding to negate extensive liability exposure.


  • An OSHA compliant is a legal inquiry into your business, therefore you need proper legal advise to handle OSHA issues. The first step is contacting Minnesota Construction Law Services, so we can be involved right from the beginning and you receive proper representation during the case.

  • We know how to interpret OSHA’s rules and regulations to create actionable procedures for your business so you can be compliant and prevent injuries. We have represented clients dealing with OSHA complaints so we know what safety precautions you need to follow and how to identify additional proactive safety efforts.

  • First and foremost, you need to address the injured person by giving them the necessary medical attention, including calling 911 if necessary. After the individual is safe, contact your work compensation carrier to report the accident. Next, get in touch with MNCLS and we can help you handle the situation from start to finish.

There are too many rules. We don't enforce, we just inform.


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