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Nicki Hutchins-Peterson

Office Administrator

When it comes to keeping the gears turning smoothly at Minnesota Construction Law Services, Nicki Hutchins-Peterson is the indispensable office administrator. With her roots firmly planted in the construction world, Nicki brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by general contractors and industry professionals.


Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Nicki's journey in construction began at a young age, swinging a hammer alongside her dad as they remodeled homes together. Her passion for the industry only grew stronger when she embarked on a life-changing adventure in New Orleans, where she dedicated a year to rebuilding homes.


Now, Nicki is excited to explore the law side of construction at MNCLS. She eagerly delves into the complexities of the industry, always seeking to provide reliable and practical solutions to our clients. Her firsthand experience in the field gives her a unique advantage, allowing her to bridge the gap between the industry and the legal intricacies that surround it. Nicki is proud to work at a place where camaraderie and laughter are as essential as blueprints and building codes.


But it's not all hard hats and contracts for Nicki. When she's not immersed in work, you'll likely find her cheering on her favorite hockey team or lending a helping hand to the Minnesota Mullets, a junior's hockey team during their season. In her downtime, Nicki unwinds with her favorite TV crime dramas, NCIS and Criminal Minds, paired with a refreshing Moscow mule or a cold beer. It's in these moments that she recharges her batteries, always ready to tackle the next challenge that comes her way.


With her warm smile, can-do attitude, and deep connection to the construction industry, Nicki takes pride in fostering a casual and friendly office setting, where clients can come to ensure that their projects thrive and their rights are protected.

651 484 4412

Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

We care for your business as we care for ours.

Nicki Hutchins-Peterson

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