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Susanna Sutton

Legal Assistant

Susanna Sutton is one of the first people you will speak with at Minnesota Construction Law Services, and that makes you one lucky contractor. Susanna brings a unique blend of dedication and zest for life to the office. With a strong work ethic and a passion for exciting pursuits, Susanna's presence adds a vibe to our team.


Susanna's reputation as a miracle worker stems from her exceptional ability to handle even the most challenging situations. Her unique talent for communicating effectively and managing all aspects of the job has earned her the affectionate title of "Bill's Handler." Bill's reliance on Susanna's expertise is a testament to her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.


When Susanna is not diligently tackling her responsibilities at MNCLS, you'll find her indulging in a fine bourbon, honing her skills at the shooting range, or enjoying a round of golf. She embraces every opportunity for excitement and seeks out thrilling experiences whenever possible.


Dedication runs deep in Susanna's family values, as evidenced by her marriage to her husband, who serves in the US Army. Their commitment to one another has been a cornerstone of their journey since 2015. After spending six years in Dallas, Susanna and her husband made the joyful return to Minnesota, where they are able to be surrounded by family and some of their closest friends. Other than the people she works with, one thing Susanna loves most about her job at MNCLS is the opportunity to bring her loyal companion, Timber, to the office. Timber, her canine sidekick, not only brings joy to Susanna but also those in the office. He takes the role of "regulation watchdog'' seriously and enjoys being part of the team. 


With a background in the biotech industry, Susanna's transition to construction law showcases her versatility and adaptability. Her experience and expertise add immense value to MNCLS and contribute to the comprehensive support provided to clients. So give us a call and ask Susanna how we can help. She’ll make sure your questions are answered.

651 484 4412

Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

We care for your business as we care for ours.

Susanna Sutton

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