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Contractor COVID-19 Plan

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We have drafted these sample documents to be a guide for your policies that must be implemented on June 29th, 2020 per the Minnesota requirements. These documents are meant to be a guide and you should tailor these to your own business practices. Particularly, the highlighted portions must be inserted based on your own business. Please know that by providing these documents, we are not creating an attorney/client relationship and, even if you are a client of the firm, these documents are not tailored to your business. If you’d like to have our firm create a business specific plan, please contact our office at 651-484-4412. We hope that these will be of assistance to your business and we wish you the best in these very difficult times, particularly for small businesses. We also understand that these regulations are very onerous on small businesses and we truly hope that you are all able to succeed and prosper in this time. Please note that “Exhibit B” must be filled out based on your specific cleaning protocol and we have no model to provide. Contractor COVID Plan Ex. A Ex. C Ex. D Best, Courtney & Bill Minnesota Construction Law Services

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