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The Impact of FCC's New Regulations on Your Business

With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) introducing new regulations effective January 27, 2025, understanding these changes is crucial for any business involved in lead generation and customer outreach, especially if your methods include text messaging or automated calls. Here's what these updates mean for your business and how you can adapt to stay compliant.

Expansion to Include Text Messages

The National Do Not Call Registry (DNC), previously limited to telephone calls, now extends its protections to text messages. You'll need to ensure that your text-based marketing efforts comply with the DNC regulations. This involves checking the DNC list and excluding registered numbers unless you have explicit written consent from those individuals.

Lead Generators, Robocalls, and Robotexts

The new regulations also bring a tighter leash on automated communications, namely robocalls and robotexts:

  • Individualized Consent Needed: The FCC is now mandating "prior express written consent" for each seller individually. This requirement addresses concerns about the ambiguous mass consent obtained by some lead generators.

  • Accountability for Consent: It’s crucial that whether it’s a lead generator or your own business sending these communications, the onus to prove valid consent lies with the sender.

  • Risks of Non-Compliance: Failure to demonstrate valid consent can result in liability under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Proactive Steps to Ensure Compliance

It's imperative for your business to review and adjust your marketing and lead generation strategies in line with these new FCC regulations. Ensuring your consent practices are updated will help you avoid legal complications and maintain the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

We're Here to Support You

While these changes might seem overwhelming, they are manageable with the right guidance. MNCLS is here to assist you in navigating these new FCC rules and ensuring your business practices are aligned with these legal requirements. If you have any questions or need assistance, we encourage you to reach out. Our expertise is tailored to help businesses like yours remain compliant and successful.

Contact MNCLS today for any support or guidance you need in adapting to these crucial regulatory changes. Stay compliant, stay ahead.

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