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The intersection of law and business in construction is complex. Issues can arise from many directions, often unpredictable and unclear, and sometimes the issue is not even a legal matter but a business problem. Minnesota Construction Law Services provides the services to prevent, solve, and fight these problems. We are experts in the industry; our knowledge and experience cover each personal business issue and need. Not only can we address an already developed problem, but a trusted partnership with MNCLS also offers ongoing protection to prevent legal and business issues.


Our toolbox is diverse

The best option for you is not always a legal fix. We know what tools to use for each situation that will solve the problem now and prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

Get paid

Want to get paid? Our services are designed specifically to help the contractor get paid for doing their job. It’s okay to relax, we got this.

For your construction and business needs

Our services at your service

The construction business is being stifled by countless demanding regulations. Like you, we believe it’s ridiculous. We understand, we’ve been there. That’s why we are filling that gap. We support your trade organizations and actively advocate for relief from over-burdensome regulations. We acknowledge, however, that when a regulation or law exists, you ignore it at your peril.  Our services address the diverse legal and business issues you face.


Business Law

Our services go beyond understanding Minnesota business law, we work with you to learn about your business and your definition of success to develop a strategy to achieve it.


Construction Law

Your job is to finish your projects on time and budget. Our job is to manage the construction in contract law to create a thorough and personalized blueprint for your business.



We know how burdensome construction litigation is, that’s why we use our skills to find answers that do not require litigation. Yet if it does, we dominate the courtroom.


Regulatory and Licensing

We inform you of the Minnesota construction laws and regulations that apply to your situation but we don’t enforce the rules, we let you decide what to do with the information.



You did your work, you deserve to be paid. This is when we use our legal tools to swiftly and effectively take action to collect your money for you. We have your back.

We care about your business

We use our toolbox of different services to help make your business grow.