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MNCLS Announces Courtney Ernstons Partnership

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

On July 1st, 2020, Courtney Ernston, MNCLS Attorney, became a partner of Minnesota Construction Law Services alongside Bill Gschwind, Founder and Principal Attorney. While the public announcement is recent, the plan has been years in the making.

From the beginning when Courtney joined the firm in 2017, Bill and Courtney formed a balanced partnership. Courtney is not an extension of MNCLS, rather, she is a direct representation of the firm. When you work with Courtney you are working with the prominent capabilities of MNCLS, a virtue Courtney has elevated from the start.

She has worked alongside Bill to learn and progress MNCLS’ position in the industry because of her commitment to the mission the firm has cultivated. Their collaborative approach advanced MNCLS’ comprehensive services by contributing their specific legal, business, and construction expertise so each case is expertly executed.

“Courtney demonstrates a compelling reverence in the field through years of experience and has been a key factor in MNCLS’ success,” explains Bill. “I have looked at Courtney as a business partner for years, we just figured we’d finally make it official.”

Courtney brings a strategic perspective to MNCLS by spearheading the litigation department and applying her entrepreneurial background in the field. Through an equal partnership, Bill and Courtney plan to continue providing unmatched value to their clients and building MNCLS together. The partnership provides stability for MNCLS’ advancement and longevity in the field.

Courtney Ernston graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA and then received her JD from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Courtney has been practicing law for the past six years and is deeply involved in the construction industry through numerous associations and memberships. At Minnesota Construction Law Services, Courtney leads litigation as well as contributes to the transactional and business departments. As Courtney states, in regards to the construction and business field, “These are my people.” Learn more about Courtney’s experience and expertise.

Get in touch with the team at MNCLS to learn how their unique approach to law can help your contractor business. Talk to you soon!

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