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Play Your Part in Addressing the Housing Shortage in Minnesota

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Housing Shortage in Minnesota

We’re currently experiencing a housing shortage in Minnesota. The competition, prices, and regulations of homes only continue to rise. Finding a home is becoming a battlefield. Buying a home is breaking the bank and the regulations for building or remodeling homes are accumulating at an absurd (and unnecessary) speed.

The housing situation in Minnesota is impacting everyone, both directly and indirectly. For the public, people looking to invest in a home can’t find one they can afford. On the construction side, developers are facing more regulations when building and remodelers and residential contractors are not receiving as many phone calls. It’s not something we can ignore; and at MNCLS, we aren’t.

What We Are Doing to Help

The team at Minnesota Construction Law Services is invested in our community, and one area of focus is Minnesota’s housing industry. We understand and see the domino effect Minnesota’s housing shortage is having on our clients, community, and the people we know. That’s why we actively participate and lead in shifting the current situation. Primarily, we are involved in a local organization Housing First Minnesota, a leading voice and advocate for affordable housing in Minnesota. You can learn more about our involvement with House First in this post!

Bill SF 915: How It Impacts Minnesota Housing

A recent item that has been on Housing First’s agenda is SF 915, which is a bill aimed at addressing Minnesota’s exclusionary zoning practices and a step toward legalizing more new starter homes. So what does this mean?

There are more and more regulations appearing for building or remodeling homes in Minnesota. The regulations are not always a result of state laws but rather the restrictions imposed by different communities. It is a way to control the type of houses built therefore preserving their desired aesthetic. Such as requiring larger lots, large garages, or using specific materials. All of this leads to more expensive homes that homeowners can’t afford and developers can’t find an affordable way of building them.

By limiting the number of housing requirements cities or communities can stipulate, it opens the way for more affordable housing. It allows developers to build homes that don’t include expensive features or materials and instead include the basics which homeowners are searching for and can afford.

Why We Are Involved and How You Can Get Involved Too

The SF 915 bill is just a recent example of the work the organizations we are involved in are doing to improve our communities. MNCLS is actively involved in such organizations and associations because we strive to tackle these problems from the root. For Housing First MN, the issues they cover, like the one above, impact those around us.

We are involved to alleviate the burdens our communities face and pressing regulations our clients work under. We are involved to help people have the opportunity to buy a new home and start investing in their future. We are involved because we see a problem and we aim to help fix it.

What can you do?

The housing shortage in Minnesota is impacting your community as well. We encourage you to start engaging with these issues, and a great way to start is by getting involved in Housing First Minnesota. Take a look at how you can play a role in or support their organization.

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