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Our vision is to be the lawyer Minnesota contractors want, not just a lawyer they have to hire. At Minnesota Construction Law Services, we assist commercial and residential contractors with the complex legal and business world of construction. And when they need us to represent their interests, they like it that we only represent contractors.

Our Vision

The mission of Minnesota Construction Law Services is simple, we want to help you build and protect your business. We give you practical solutions, ones that will grow your business.

Our Mission

The History of MNCLS

Minnesota Construction Law Services was founded with the determination that there had to be a better option. Bill Gschwind, founder and Principal Attorney, worked in construction and business for years and experienced every twist and turn. Therefore, he had the ‘pleasure’ of working with lawyers, which just left Bill with only one thought, “I can do better.” So, he enrolled in law school, passed the Minnesota bar, opened Minnesota Construction Law Services in 2012, and hasn’t slowed down since.

Over the years, the MNCLS team has gained a few more kickass subject matter experts. With combined knowledge in construction, business, and the law, MNCLS Lawyers are trusted, knowledgeable advisors for your business and legal needs. From hiring employees or independent contractors to meeting all the regulatory requirements for commercial and residential construction, they know what will help your business. They are a team of attorneys that understand the industry and the people who work it.


Tell Us How We Can Help, We’re Here for You

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Bill Gschwind


Bill isn’t like most other attorneys. He takes that experience a step further, because he spent the first half of his career owning and operating businesses, dealing with lawyers on your side of the table.

Kimberly Price


Kim was meant to be an attorney with MNCLS, as she grew up in a family that focused on construction material supplies. Kim always felt like her clients remind her of the family business in which she grew up and worked on.

Hannah Stein


With an impressive academic background and over fifteen years of legal practice, Hannah is a formidable ally for individuals and businesses alike in Minnesota's construction industry.

Nicki Hutchins-Peterson

Office Administrator

With her roots firmly planted in the construction world, Nicki brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by general contractors and industry professionals.

Bailey Coughlin

Operations Manager

If you ask the team, “who really runs the show at MNCLS,” there’s a significant chance you’ll be told it’s Bailey. And that’s because Bailey takes care of the team’s business so they can take care of yours.

Susanna Sutton

Legal Assistant

It’s always been important to us that we build a legal team that understands our clients. So we were sold on Susanna when we found out that she loves working hard, then enjoying a good bourbon and any adventure she can get on.

Lee Sexton


Lee brings his passion for renovating old homes to MNCLS, where he's just as likely to be found at a hockey game or working on a home project in St. Paul with his family.


The MNCLS Team

We have credentials, we have experience, and we have wit. Our team is focused and fierce. We are picky about who we hire because frankly, we only work with those who care about and understand the construction industry and the small business world. Click below to learn more about our team.

We don't do that big-word, fancy suit nonsense. We build relationships, then we get results.




Bill was very helpful in dealing with an investigation we had to undergo with a state agency. He was attentive and it felt like I got a very personal experience in dealing with him. His experience in dealing with the state made him exceptionally good at anticipating their next move and he was right a vast majority of the time! Additionally, his rates were reasonable and the peace of mind of having help with this was worth every penny.


I have finally found an attorney that I feel is on my side. Being self-employed with employees presents unique situations almost daily. Bill’s long term business background and business understanding is a benefit not too many attorneys can provide. He has helped me with different issues that are not always legal. I was stalled on a project for over 2 years. Bill not only gave me new insight on how to approach the project but got me motivated to continue. I’ve dealt with many in the legal community over the years but none have given me advice like Bill has.

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