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Prepare your estate planning with Minnesota Construction Law Services. We will help you create your will, power of attorney, final documents, healthcare directives, and other documents.

    Family Facts

    Marriage Information


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    Please list ALL children, including deceased children and children born out of wedlock.

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    Estate Tax Exemption

    Federal Exemption - $11.8 Million
    Minnesota Exemption - $3.0 Million
    Wisconsin Exemption – Does not have an estate tax

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    Financial Advisor(s)

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    If yes, please upload a copy of the trust agreement(s) with a schedule of assets.

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    Guardians. Who should be guardian of your minor children? (A guardian has physical and legal control overyour children until they reach the age of 18.) (The spouse is typically listed first.)

    Personal Representative. Who should be Personal Representative (“executor”) of your estate? A Personal Representative is responsible for probating your will, paying your debts, collecting your assets, and settling your estate. (The spouse is typically listed first.)

    Trusts. If a trust is appropriate to include in your estate plan, who should be the trustee? A trustee is the person, bank, or trust company who is responsible for managing the assets you place in your trust. A trustee also manages the assets for your children or other beneficiaries until they reach 18 years old or whatever ages you choose to specify

    Financial Representation. Who will represent you in financial matters if you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to handle your finances? (The spouse is typically listed first.)

    Health Care Representation. Who will represent you in medical decisions if you are unable to communicate your wishes? (The spouse is typically listed first.)

    Health Care Preferences. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

    “If I am in a terminal condition and cannot express my wishes, I wish to be allowed to die naturally and not be kept alive by artificial means or heroic measures. I do not want any medical treatment that will not substantially improve my condition or help me recover but will only postpone the moment of my death. However, I want whatever care is appropriate to keep me as comfortable and as free of pain as is reasonably possible, including the administration of pain relieving drugs and surgical or medical procedures calculated to relieve my pain, even though some drugs or procedures may hasten my death.”

    Agree; I do not want prolonged life support.

    Disagree; I prefer to be kept alive by artificial means

    Organ Donorship:

    I wish to donate my organs, tissue and other body parts when I die.

    I do not wish to donate

    I wish to be buried; OR

    I wish to be cremated.

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