Understanding Contracting Scams An unfortunate truth in the construction industry is that contractors are sometimes accused of scamming the client or being labeled as ‘con-artists.’ Often, a ‘con-artist’ contractor doesn’t have bad intentions. Instead, they don’t adequately cover their bases while communicating and negotiating the contract. Thankfully, we can prevent these accusations and maintain your […]
What is MNOSHA? MNOSHA, or the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as the Minnesota State Plan, is the program and protocol to enforce Federal-mandated OSHA compliance in the state, as well as additional state-specific regulations. The government created OSHA to ensure that every workplace is a safe environment for employees. MNOSHA has […]
Featured Organization: MNABC ABC, or the Associated Builders and Contractors, is a national construction industry trade organization representing more than 21,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms. Although there are 70 chapters across the United States, MNCLS would like to shine a spotlight on the local branch of ABC, Contractors of North Dakota and Minnesota, […]
Housing Shortage in Minnesota We’re currently experiencing a housing shortage in Minnesota. The competition, prices, and regulations of homes only continue to rise. Finding a home is becoming a battlefield. Buying a home is breaking the bank and the regulations for building or remodeling homes are accumulating at an absurd (and unnecessary) speed. The housing […]
We don’t just say that “we are different from other law firms,” we live by those words. Every interaction, process, and decision works to create our distinction and provide our clients with a legal and business partner, not just a fancy lawyer oblivious to how construction actually works. A core way we demonstrate our differentiation […]
Have you prepared your business for the year ahead? As contractors, the beginning of the year is often reserved for laying the groundwork for the remainder of the year. While the past year has disrupted normal business planning sessions, it is important to make sure those pieces do not fall through the cracks. To make […]
Why You Need to Plan for Retirement When do you want to retire? Is there an age or benchmark that you want to reach before retiring? Retirement is not like selling a car, it is not a transaction that can be prepared, marketed, and sold in a couple of weeks or even a few months. […]
Imagine you’re told to build a birdhouse from a template. The template should come with an image of what the final birdhouse should look like and the step by step instructions to build the birdhouse. Now imagine you didn’t receive what the picture of the birdhouse should look like, or the instructions in order to […]
Why You Need a Master Electrician A master electrician, otherwise referred to as the responsible licensed individual (RLI), is the top position in the electrician trade. Since an RLI meets specific master electrician requirements, as compared to a Journeyman license, they are the person responsible for overseeing the project so everything is planned, designed, and […]