Now that we’re through 2022 (how did that happen?) we’ve been able to see some prominent trends take shape with regards to mergers and acquisitions. Coming off the tail of COVID-19, its impact is still felt — and other global events will undoubtedly impact the mergers and acquisitions of businesses from Milan, to Madrid, and […]
When starting a construction business, there are countless I’s to dot and T’s to cross — and if you thought coming up with a name was challenging, there’s far more work to be done. One of the important decisions a new business owner can make is choosing the right type of business entity, as the […]
Successful business owners know that many of the steps you take at the very beginning are essential to limit future problems arising as the business grows and evolves. These steps  include choosing a business entity to protect the business owners’ personal assets  and enable the business to expand, a strategic plan to guide the business […]
The construction contract is a powerful tool in any contractor’s toolbox, but, like any tool, it’s all about how you wield it. As the “rules of the game,” the construction contract’s duty is to clearly define the responsibilities of all parties involved while protecting the contractor from unwarranted claims, but there are numerous hidden risks […]
When it comes to bidding, no one likes a second guesser. Bid once, taking every detail into account, and you’ll immediately separate yourself from the “well, on second thought…” crowd. Of course, this may be easier said than done, as it takes a certain level of confidence to submit a single bid with assurance.  Bidding […]
Anyone who has had to determine a property line in order to get rid of some unruly shrubbery or remove a downtrodden fence knows the strain these often uncomfortable conversations can have on neighborly relations. After all, if you’ve lived in the home for years — or if the previous owners had no issues — […]
Having spent a significant portion of our careers with hard-hat hair, MNCLS knows how important collaboration can be to a construction business owner. While you might consider yourself a jack of all trades, there’s a good chance that you’ve got one skill set that stands out as your strongest — and has allowed you to […]
When drafting a construction contract, many items may need to be included or negotiated between all parties. The importance of a well-thought-out, clear, concise, carefully-drafted contract cannot be overstated — as it is the bedrock that sets the terms and expectations for both your project and your relationship with your customers.  Many law firms view […]
At Minnesota Construction Law Services, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to law –– and certainly not when it comes to construction arbitration. Other firms will pitch cookie-cutter solutions, but having worked as both construction industry professionals and then as lawyers solely representing contractors, we know the cookie-cutter method is the wrong approach. […]
When President Biden issued Executive Order 14042: “Executive Order on Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors” in September of 2021, a wave of uncertainty came with the announcement. After two years of variants, the COVID-19 discussion has become a mainstay in our culture — destroying friendships and relationships one differing opinion at a […]