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Minnesota Construction Law Services Attorney, Courtney Ernston, Named a 2020 Up & Coming Attorney

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

On Friday, September 11th, Minnesota Construction Law Services Attorney, Courtney Ernston, was named a 2020 Up & Coming Attorney by Minnesota Lawyers. The award recognizes lawyers who have attained high levels of professional success within their first 10 years of passing the bar.

Courtney Ernston has been an attorney for six years and has quickly built a track record of notable outcomes. With an emphasis on litigation for construction contractors, Courtney takes pride in representing the people who she personally relates to. With experience in the construction industry and business world, Courtney understands first-hand what contractors are going through when encountering a legal setback. That’s why Courtney and MNCLS are redefining the traditional construction law firm approach.

MNCLS leverages both their expertise as lawyers and their experience in business to develop resolutions that address the current issue while protecting the contractor’s business. This approach to legal counsel demonstrates the significant benefits of working with a small firm with exceptional capabilities, as confirmed by Courtney’s recent Up & Coming Attorney selection.

MNCLS’ highly regarded attorneys act as advocates for their construction contractor clients. Their unprecedented methods counteract the typical construction law firm that refers to clients as file numbers, instead, MNCLS wants to develop a partnership and build that foundation of trust. MNCLS provides superior results because they care about the success of their clients.

Courtney looks forward to strengthening her skills by tackling increasingly complex cases and enhancing MNCLS comprehensive legal services. To learn more about MNCLS and how they can help your construction business and answer your legal questions, get in touch with our team! We look forward to hearing from you.

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