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Minnesota Construction Law Services Attorney, Courtney Ernston, Recognized on 2020 Rising Star List

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS and ST. PAUL, Minnesota, July 21, 2020 – Minnesota Construction Law Services (MNCLS) partner, Courtney Ernston, has been selected to the 2020 Minnesota Rising Stars List. Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state receive this honor and are selected through exhaustive evaluations and research by the Super Lawyers team. The result is a credible, comprehensive, and diverse listing of first-rate attorneys.

Courtney Ernston is recognized for her exceptional litigation skills and achievements in the construction industry. Ernston demonstrates the skills imperative to establishing herself as an esteemed and leading attorney in the field. “The Rising Star selection is a direct reflection of Minnesota Construction Law Services,” explains Ernston. “It demonstrates that MNCLS is a rising construction law firm in the industry and is qualified to compete with traditionally larger firms.”

“We bring personal experience and dedication to each of our clients through comprehensive services,” continues Ernston. “To MNCLS, our clients are business owners and team leaders, not just a number on a file. We build partnerships to support our clients through each setback and celebration.” Minnesota Construction Law Services demonstrates that personal attentiveness and leading attorneys, as supported by the Rising Star selection, outweigh the large firm precedent.

As MNCLS and the team grows, Ernston expresses her enthusiasm to sharpen her skills and tackle increasingly more complex cases. “Minnesota Construction Law Services,” Ernston concludes, “is elevating the accustomed approach to construction law and business.”


Minnesota Construction Law Services is a Minnesota construction law firm that offers legal counsel and business guidance to help contractors build and grow their businesses as their ongoing business partner. Through personal experience in the construction industry and business world, the MNCLS team understands what options are best for their client’s unique needs. MNCLS is a growing and recognized construction law firm proving that value is a result of experience, not of size. To learn more about Minnesota Construction Law Services visit

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